09.20.21- the Leather Like collection will be released on Lees and Alex!

This is one of our favourite collections yet. Vegan Leather is a huge part of fall fashion from leather pants to jackets and boots, it’s a perfect way to elevate your outfit. So, why not add some leather like scrunchies into the mix?! Leather Like was the perfect name for the collection because the scrunchies are NOT REAL LEATHER, but they have a leather like feel and look to them.

The collection consists of nine different colours that will match perfectly with your fall wardrobe. The collection is not super bold with the colours because we wanted them to blend and match perfectly with your outfits. With this collection neutrals were the way to go, as it is something you can always grab and put in your hair or on your wrist.

You may be wondering which ones are our favourite?

Leesa’s would have to be the black or the taupe as her fall wardrobe is pretty much all neutrals. Fall is Leesa’s favourite season and vegan leather is a must have in her fall wardrobe. Not a day goes by were Leesa is not rocking some sort of leather like clothing, so this collection was something she was super excited about. You will see Leesa rocking this collection all fall long.

Carina’s favourite scrunchie in this collection is the pink leather because it is the perfect transition from summer to fall. The pink goes with everything and is practically a neutral. Carina is also loving the olive leather like scrunchie as the colour is her go to for fall.

We cannot wait to see how you style your leather like scrunchies. Be sure to tag is in all your photos, so we can share them with everyone!

Xo Leesa and Carina