Welcome to Lees & Alex!

Welcome to Lees & Alex!

Welcome to our first ever Lees & Alex blog post! To start off, we wanted to share a little bit about who we are and what our blog is going to consist of. 

We are Carina and Leesa Gerlings, two sisters from Toronto, Ontario. You may be wondering how we got our business name Lees and Alex? Lees is short from for Leesa and Alex comes from Carina’s middle name Alexandra. We had been bouncing around names for a while and landed on Lees and Alex!

Carina is 27 years old and works for an e-commerce business, she also has her own small business that you will see on our website called Sunday Blonde CA. Sunday Blonde CA was started after she got her Mini Goldendoodle Winston. Sunday Blonde CA creates reversible bandanas for your fur baby! Leesa is 24 years old and works in the Fashion Industry. Along with her everyday career in fashion, she creates content on her social media like outfit of the day posts and fashion must haves. 

We decided to start our small business in 2019 because we felt that with our different styles we would have a product for everyone! The first product we started with was scrunchies because we are both former dancers, scrunchies were something we wore all the time and the minute we saw them coming back into style we knew they had to be the first product we launched. All our scrunchies are handmade by us here in Toronto. 

Since launching our scrunchies in 2019, we have continued to add more colours and patterns while also incorporating more accessories like clips, headbands, hats, and jewellery. We are excited to continue to expand our business and we are looking forward to sharing all our new products soon! 

Why a blog? Well, we both love to write and have so many different ideas, advice, and knowledge to share, so we thought why not put it into a blog for you. It is going to give you advice and ideas about fashion, travel, beauty must haves, food and of course information about our products and our overall business itself. We want to give you the opportunity to ask us questions about a specific topic and we can share the answers in our posts for everyone to come back to and reference.

We are so excited for this next chapter, and we thank each one of you for supporting our dream!


Carina & Leesa